ZDB 1.0 is completely implemented

Posted by Mattias on 2012-08-31

As of todays release, the ZDB 1.0 API is completely implemented. Even if the previous version have been well tested and very usable, you can now download and explore the entire API knowing that you will not get an exception, unless there is an actual error of course.

As a consequence of this, the release schedule will be changed from once every 5-10 days to whenever a bug-fix or performance enhancement is available. While this in theory could mean a new release every day, we do not expect it to happen very often. As there are no known bugs it is impossible to predict when and how many more releases there will be.

And of course there is already an 1.1 version of the API under development, with some new features.

Another ZDB 1.0 release is out

Posted by Mattias on 2012-08-11

ZDB 1.0 20120811 is available for download containing the following updates:

- Implemented methods

The methods that are still unimplemented are most aggregations, some predicate and sporadic methods in multiple and subselect columns.

Latest ZDB 1.0 release is out

Posted by Mattias on 2012-08-04

Another release of ZDB 1.0 is out today. The changes since last release are

- Implemented methods
    Object Addition.aggregate(Table);
    Aggregation Aggregation.average(Aggregation);
    Table AggregationEngineBy.apply(Table);
    DoubleColumn MultipleDoubleColumn.pack();
    DateIterator SubDateColumn.dateIterator();
    DateTimeIterator SubDateTimeColum.dateTimeIterator();
    LongIterator SubDateTimeColumn.longIterator();
    LongIterator SubLongColumn.longIterator();
    SubTimeColumn(TimeColumn, BitSet);
    IntIterator SubTimeColumn.intIterator();
    int SubTimeColumn.length();
    TimeIterator SubTimeColumn.timeIterator();