New release of ZDB 1.0 out today

Posted by Mattias on 2012-07-27

ZDB 1.0 20120727 is available for download, containing the following updates

- Implemented methods
	Aggregation Aggregation.add(Aggregation,Aggregation);
	In, ColumnInfo);
	In, Date...);
	In, DateTime...);
	In, double...);
	In, int...);
	In, long...);
	In, String...);
	In, Time...);
	LessThan LessThan.lessThan(ColumnInfo, ColumnInfo);
	LessThan LessThan.lessThan(ColumnInfo, String);
	void MemoryTable.append(RowView);
	void MemoryTable.update(ValueSetter, Predicate...);
	void MemoryTable.update(ValueSetter[], Predicate...);
	Object SubStringColumn.getObject(int);
	BitSet True.apply(Table);
	ValueSetter ValueSetter.setter(ColumnInfo, Expression)
	void ValueSetter.update(Table, BitSet);

This release passes 277 of 379 tests, an slight improvement from 252 of 362 tests in the previous release. In our Junit test-suite there is supposed to be a 1-to-1 mapping between tests and methods, so another way to read this statistics is that nearly 3 out of 4 methods are already implemented.

Welcome to the Zolltov blog

Posted by Mattias on 2012-07-20

As you might have seen there have not been any new ZDB releases for almost two weeks, and its simple because of what you are reading right now: getting this blog up and running. The design is really simple, just 11 classes, three JSP views and ZDB as underlying database.

So, why have we built a brand new blogging platform from scratch instead of using an existing one? Simply because we wanted to put ZDB to work in another production environment (it is already used as database in our in-house accounting software). We investigated the possibility to replace the usual RDMS with ZDB in some of the existing solutions, but it was quickly deemed to require to much work. Not to mention that blogs usually don't allow ZDB to outshine regular RDMS.

Enough talk about the technical parts, and on to the actual content. We will use this blog to inform you of news as one could expect, and also write about how to use ZDB both from a beginner and all the way up to expert level. If you have any request for a specific topic you wish to know more about, simply send us an email.